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Network Marketing & Technology!

See what Roy had to say…

Roy I: After 30+ years in NWM – If you b elieve in an “Automatic Down-line Builder” I have a BRIDGE in London to sell you . Network Marketing is spelled W-O-R-K and takes special Knowledge, Understanding, Commitment and Effort!

Here was my initial reply…

Actually Roy, that’s an ignorant statement and 30 years in Network Marketing 98% of the time means you are still broke and Network Marketing is just a religion for you.

Jim Rohn, John C Maxwell, George Zalucki and all the greats knows what a sales funnel with track-able conversions is and they use it. They also don’t go about Facebook ads commenting on other marketers ads…

That’s not it. Now see what Mike had to say…

I’ve heard a lot of bullshit talked about Networking…this is some of the best bullshYt EVER! If you knew anything at all about Network Marketing you would surely know that you cannot possibly support 20 new people every month, and why would you need them? ..unless they are dropping out faster than you sign them up?

… and then Roy had a little more to say…

Obviously I did not make myself clear. I am doing full time NWM or should I say My Time NWM. I work when I want to and can do what I want, when I want and where I want. However, 96% of people that embarks on NWM fails miserably, because they think they can just sign up people and get rich. Most people do not have a Business or an Entrepreneurial MINDSET. They think things will happen “Automatically” when they sign up a few “Stars”. Every successful Networker follows a proven System for Duplication. Be the messenger and not the Message. You cannot duplicate yourself but can duplicate a System – locally, regionally, nationally and globally. All that takes EFFORT! It does not come automatically. There is a big difference between a Sales Funnel, and a so-called “automatic down-line” builder, which by the way, none of the names mentioned above, which I am quite familiar with, are using. Network Marketing Works great, IF – you WORK It!

Now read my final reply in its entirety and your life can change doing it…

Thanks Roy for clearing it up. Automatic Downline Builder is a system and yes it does work automatically with this same tool we are working on right now.

What I found is that most people commenting here are not our ideal prospects or customers but that’s fine because I enjoy the dialogue once a week and my students can learn from it.

The people hungry for the solution just click LIKE (presently 675 LIKES), click on the ad and come inside, when they take action, the system works it’s magic and they get result.

Here is what I will say. You don’t have to be scared of the word “AUTOMATIC” Your compensation plans in your business are all processed automatically. You don’t have to look too far before you know that the word is a part of everyone’s lives in 2014.

The whole idea of network marketing is building a network of people who get compensated automatically depending on how big the network they build becomes.

Not how much you do or start with but how big your network becomes.  Network Marketing is not for smart people. It’s about wisdom. I know way too many smart broke people.

Yes you have to work but it’s not about YOU becoming the superman. It’s about LEVERAGING. If it wasn’t, you are better off on a job because at least you GET paid on Fridays for your time worth.. right…

It does not take away from the part that we are people and we have to deal with each other. Mike here just said recruiting 20 people in a month means you can’t serve them. Is that true?

How come WhatsApp with 55 employees was about to serve and support 450 million users which is why Facebook valued them at $19 Billion.

So you say… “but that’s NOT network marketing”.. WRONG!

When Herbalife was about to go IPO in the stock exchange, some people said that too. You won’t be the first.

That’s sounds like most people that put network marketing in a box and wonder why it’s not working for them in 2014 like it did in 1960… hmm get a clue..

Like you said, all Network Marketing companies follow systems. If you plug in 20 people into the system and stop trying to be super man, you will win. The companies pay you for production and not how smart you are. That’s why we don’t need resumes to join.

How many people here sponsor only 2 in a month and all 2 quit on them? BE HONEST! Even with support.

How many people have tried to support new business partners and 2 weeks later they start feeling like a stalker because they got started but they are not interested any longer? In fact, they don’t pick up the phone any longer.

There is no one that has been under a leadership training that they didn’t teach you that this is a number’s game. That doesn’t discount the fact that it is in FACT a people’s business.

No matter what you say, technology is cool and you know it and you are proving it by having this conversation right here on Facebook. Don’t be scared of of the word “automatic”, technology. Don’t be a wussy!

So I am not saying you are right or wrong, Roy and Mike. I am saying do whatever it takes and suits you to stay in the game and make sure YOU win. We are all one and on a mission to help as many as we can help. Walking around the internet and swearing on other Networkers advertising speaks more about YOU.

If you are an experienced entrepreneur, you would know that there is no such thing as a destination. The joy is in the journey. You should have no time being negative in any capacity.

At the very minimum, I appreciate you for stopping by and saying how you feel. If more do that, the world will be a better place.

Bye for now…

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