From STALKING & Chasing Prospects, Same Difference, Nuisance Strategy to Cool, Calm, Collected Way of Building an Organization in Home Business | myEmpirePRO

Just a few of years ago when I started my “home business” journey… Let me share with you what infuriated me the most with STALKING FAMILY and FRIENDS at home by by phone and STRANGERS on Facebook.

I never liked the idea… There is more to why I didn’t like the idea and I want to share the COMPLETE story with you in this video. I will share 3 BAD things that happened to me and how you can avoid it.

I was just angry all the time with the process and the outcome. I was told by one of those “no skills” upline to keep going. Well imagine seating bare butt on a hot stove… “Just keep going my arse”

Here is the KICKER: I will also share with you why you ABSOLUTELY do NOT need this nuisance strategy to build a thriving home business income.

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