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How to Choose the Best Prospect for Massive Profits

On March 11, 2014, in Corporate, by Ola & Shola

One of the most challenging things in entrepreneurship is knowing how to manage your time. Time is the most valuable resource and if not managed properly, you can remain in a vicious cycle of failure.

As marketing and sales professional, one of the things we spend time on is prospecting. Talking to prospective customers and business partners. Knowing who to spend prospecting time with ahead of prospecting is key. Pre-Qualifying your leads for your time is critical to you success.

If you do not appreciate your time, no one will. If you are readily available to talk to everyone who want to be a millionaire without pre-qualifying, it will automatically de-value your time as well as the information you are sharing. That leads you down the road to massive failure.

Yes everyone wants to be a millionaire but not everyone will and can be a millionaire. Not everyone believe in themselves. Invest your time only in people who proves that they are serious.

Watch the video to learn how we make sure of not spending time with those who are not really about this life of financial freedom.

In order to pre-filter leads, you have to have leads right? MASSIVELY. If you are not generating 10 – 30 leads per day in your business, you will struggle. Sadly, you will eventually quit on your dreams.

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