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Goodies from Miami – myEmpiSODE #148

On January 27, 2014, in Corporate, myEmpiSODE, by Ola & Shola

Today, I have 3 things to cover. First of all, Make sure you go to this link and register to attend one of the workshops.


Shola and I just came back from Miami and as good as I know the event was probably was for many attendees…

It was a lot of pep rally that won’t directly impact any ones business.

If anything, 99% of the room was excited about a life of freedom that they may never experience, because there was no strategies given whatsoever.

That’s simply the truth.

There was a lot of mindset training which I agree is the reason why people fail 98% of the time.

Let me explain…

It is mindset problem or defect for some to have the opportunity to create a life of freedom with the internet which is available virtually for free and not take advantage of it to the fullest because it cost money to advertise.

Having no money is not the problem, the mindset is the problem.

It is individual’s responsibility to take the excitement from a bunch of RARA’s from my boy David Sharp, go find the strategy to actually build a business.

Hmmm, David Sharpe is a guy who just less than 3 years ago was LITERALLY trying to track Shola and I down because HE GOT IT. He knew surrounding himself with success was the key to changing the mind and then consequently his bank account. He is now million dollar per year earner.

He and his partner, now put on the best event this industry has ever seen for the past 2 years and they did it again.

People were pumped, inspired and HONESTLY if that’s all they got which I think it is, it’s worth it.

SADLY, many will go home back to their status quo but it doesn’t have to be that for you if you attend this FREE WORKSHOP.


I am creating some trainings that will help you blow up your business and all you have to do is participate in the TRAINING SURVEY BELOW.

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I’ve got a few trainings that you help you make effortlessly sales in your business coming this week so stay glued to your inbox for our emails.

Talk soon

~ Ola & $hola ~
Co-Founders, myEmpirePRO

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